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THOMAS's ROOFING  provide  top quality SLATE ROOFING services for your house / building.
There are various options when it comes to slate roofing and sometimes the difference between these options can seem confusing. From cost and durability to how many tiles will be required and how easy they are to install. See below for more information on the various types of slate roofing available and the things you should consider when deciding on the type of slate you are going to use.

There are three main types of slate available to buy:
NATURAL SLATE :  Sourced and taken from natural environments to produce a stunning finish. Natural slate offers a truly authentic look that cannot be replicated by manufacturers. For period projects, or properties that need to reflect the natural environment around them, natural slate is usually the preferred choice. Its lifespan goes beyond both clay and concrete by some distance and has even been known to outlast the structure of the very buildings they have been placed upon.
In terms of performance, natural slate does not fade or deteriorate over time, which is reflected in how long it will protect the roof structure. Another great advantage this type of slate offers is its low maintenance, which means very little ongoing effort will be needed to keep them in good working order.

FIBRE CEMENT SLATE :  Made primarily from cement and other elements and is a versatile, cost-effective option.
Although fibre cement slate cannot match the look of natural slate, it still adds real value. They are made from a mixture of cement, fibres and mineral additives and provide further options across a greater range and type of roof structure. Fibre cement slate is lighter in comparison to natural slate which is good news for the supporting underlay. They can be used on both steeper and lower pitches and roofs that require a more complex design such as valleys or intersections.
The longevity of fibre cement slates will be similar to tiles that are made of cement. You can expect a guarantee of about 30 years from the manufacturer but in many cases, they will last at least twice as long, sometimes up to 60 years. Annual maintenance and favourable local weather will also allow fibre cement slates to live on for a much longer period.

MAN-MADE SLATE :  which is largely made up of reconstituted slate and is a cheaper alternative to the natural version.
Made from a combination of ground down slate and synthetic resin, man-made slate offers another alternative to both natural slate and fibre cement slate. The low cost of these tiles is the main advantage they offer, set at very affordable prices in comparison to the other types available.
The larger size of man-made slate is another cost saving benefit that means purchasing costs are smaller and the installation required is a lot faster and cheaper. They are very lightweight which will reduce the need for extra reinforcement in the underlay and the recyclable nature of the materials makes them a very eco-friendly choice.Similar to clay or concrete tiles, man-made slates are designed to last for up to 30 years in normal weather conditions. When the cost-effectiveness of this type of slate is added into the equation, man-made slate becomes a very attractive option for many buyers.

We have top quality, experienced staff who carry out all types of SLATE ROOFING work  in  Workington, Carlisle, Hexham and Dumfries areas.
We aim to give 100% customer satisfaction and our prices are very competitive. We take on both Domestic and Industrial work so whatever type of Slate roofing work you need, you can rely on us. Get in touch with us and you won't be disappointed.

We are well placed and equipped to serve Workington, Carlisle, Hexham and Dumfries areas.

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We do all types of slate roofing and whatever your needs are we can do it to your total specification and satisfaction-Guaranteed.

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We do all types of tiled roofing and whatever your needs are we can do it to your total specification and satisfaction-Guaranteed.

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We do all types of flat roofing and whatever your needs are we can do it to your total specification and satisfaction-Guaranteed.

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